SOFA Posts Solid Fundraising

Special Operations for America, a National PAC Chaired by Montana resident Ryan Zinke is due to report a fundraising haul of $400,000 plus.  Reports are to be filed with the FEC by 31 July.

“While other organizations have diminished since the 2012 election, SOFA’s message has continued to invigorate Americans across the nation. The public is gravitating to the idea of electing officials with real leadership qualities – Leaders who truly believe in the greatness of America”.  Said Zinke.  “Our mission is pretty simple– recruit, support and elect real American leaders.”

Over 7,000 new donors during the 2nd qtr. plus an additional 3,000 the past 30 days has necessitated SOFA to retain Red Curve Solutions for FEC compliance and expert financial management. Red Curve is led by Bradley Crate who served in the Romney administration and was part of the leadership team for both Romney presidential campaigns. In 2012 Bradley was the chief financial officer of Romney for President and Romney Victory. He oversaw all financial operations totaling over $1.0B.

Demand for Zinke at events continues to increase rapidly.  Chairman Zinke has had the recent privilege of speaking at events in Arizona, Texas, Montana and Utah. This is in addition to his media appearances on Fox News, CNN and the Military Appreciation Channel (Zinke’s Radio Show).

SOFA is excited to announce two new public events:  Ryan and Lolita Zinke will host a semi-private reception at their home on August 1st. It will follow the Montana Governor’s Cup, which will be hosted in Whitefish this year. **On September 11th ,  Zinke will be the keynote speaker at the David Horowitz Freedom Center luncheon. Past speakers have included Donald Rumsfeld and Ari Fleischer.  “The David Horowitz Freedom Center stands for the defense of freedom and liberty. I have had the privilege of fighting for these ideals as a Navy SEAL. I look forward to sharing from my experience. It’s truly an honor to discuss freedom and liberty on the anniversary of 9/11.”  — Ryan Zinke.

Several additional events in Denver, Santa Barbara, Dallas, New Orleans, Washington DC and San Diego are currently being considered for Chairman Zinke’s participation.

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