Special Operations For America partners with FAS Lane Racing’s #32 Sprint Cup car for BrickYard 400

SUPER PAC joins the number 32 Car in the Sprint cup Series as Part of Their Public Awareness and Education Drive

For Immediate Release
July 27, 2012

Special Operations for America (SOFA) will sponsor FAS Lane racing’s, Sprint Cup car #32, a Ford driven by Kenny Schrader, in the NASCAR Sprint Cup series race this Sunday, July 29, at the Indianapolis International Raceway. The Special Operations for America name and logo will appear on the Ford’s hood and rear quarter panels, along with the web site information and the message: “Join The Battle.”

Former Navy SEAL and Republican Montana State Sen. Ryan Zinke has launched a political action committee, Special Operations For America. The central goal is to advocate for the election of Mitt Romney and other candidates who want to bring true leadership back to Washington along with an enduring belief in American Exceptionalism.

SOFA says it wants “leadership that does not apologize and bow to the world for America’s greatness or politicize military operations for political gain.”

The BrickYard 400 will be the start of a nationwide “Join the Battle” campaign by SOFA in reaching the hard working American voters prior to the November election. “We’re proud to be part of NASCAR and this opportunity to reach millions of voters who share our time-honored, conservative values,” said Zinke. “This is the type of grassroots effort that is needed in order to elect leaders who will restore America to its founding principles.”

SoForAmerica.org makes it clear just what the goal is.

As Sen. Zinke has said, “It’s time to stop negotiating away our freedoms and our ability to win on the battlefield. … It is a call of duty to take back America from a commander in chief that is incapable of understanding the sacrifices that have been made for the values that have made America great.The active duty military has no voice as they are forbidden to publicly engage in the political campaign process, and it is career suicide for senior military leaders to speak out against the president.”

Sen. Zinke—who was two-time member of the elite SEAL Team Six—says the current administration “has failed and he is jeopardizing the safety of our troops, their families and our national security for political gain.” The retired Navy commander also criticizes the president for allegedly exposing the identity of some U.S. commandos and leaking classified information. Sen. Zinke also questions the Obama administration’s proposal to raise some military health care fees.

Special Operations for America is also partnered with Veterans for a Strong America and Afghanistan and Iraq Vets for Congress. Former Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons (USAF) and Former US Senator from Montana Conrad Burns (USMC) and other leaders of distinction serve as Senior Advisors.


14 Comments On “Special Operations For America partners with FAS Lane Racing’s #32 Sprint Cup car for BrickYard 400”

  1. I’m just so k and tired of being sick and tired of the Obama Administration and the Demo,liberal,progressive ,communist,Nazi party and what they have done to My Constitution of the Republic of the United States of my America….If you are ….you need to join with many other Americans ,I. Support of Ryan Kinke, ,nrw SOFA CPAC to defeat the re-election of Obama…. You can to ….Let’t Roll….Defenders of the Constitution..

    • I agree with you completely, and do plan on joining both the NRA and SOFA.

      What I want to know is: Does anybody know that the Obama Administration did not just leak for ‘political’ reasons?

      The leaks are very serious, but his motives [I believe] were for more sinister reasons. This is his ‘assignment’, please understand this. I believe that his ‘real’ assignment is to dismantle and disassemble America one brick at a time. To weaken us economically and militarily so they can bring about an Islamic Caliphate. [Sharia Law]

      Since he’s been in office, he’s worked to destroy our economy, devalue our dollar, destroy capitalism, strip us of our Constitutional rights, and incite division among the American people. His assignment is to destroy the very foundation of this Republic under the directives of his Muslim Brotherhood caliphs!

      He’s attempted to take our countries racial atmosphere back to the 50’s, I can’t stand him. It is my opinion that he is providing vital information to the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ that puts are men and women in the military service at greater risk, not to mention threatening the security of the American People.

      He has deceived the American public because most people don’t really understand what the ‘brotherhoods’ agenda really is. They thinks that he’s just a nice ‘Christian’ guy who cares about the poor…yeah right.

      Remember birds of feather, flock together. Has anybody checked out the increase or influx of middle east Muslim people?

      What about the size of those mosque, and are they really mosque? The american people are asleep, and while ‘we are sleeping’ they are planning our destruction.

      I’m African American and I can tell you that this religion is VERY dangerous. The American people need to know!
      My sister converted to Islam over 25 years ago, I know from first hand experience that this thing is not good for our nation. I’m so very concerned that Obama has deceived my people with his so-called charisma. Every time he opens his mouth a lie comes out, I’m just beside myself with his deception!

      The good news is that not all of us are deceived, many of us are waking up, and those of us who can ‘see’ what he really is are sounding the alarm, with much persecution. But we are still sounding the alarm to anyone who will listen.

      FYI: I did not vote for Obama, my husband did not vote for him, and my sons [34 &30 years old] DID NOT vote for him either. And we will NOT vote for him again.

      Be strong,


      • bobbie,
        you go girl. You are right most of Americans are asleep or divided by deception and ego. We are under three attacks at once, satan, socialist, ( new party, green party ect) and as you said salani islam. Once they the muslims touch foot on any land they think that they own it forever. People of faith Jesus Christ is a reality not a religion, it is time to get off the bleachers, pews and boldly march into the playing field just like the Legion of the 6,600.
        It is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of there Country!!
        We may have to die for it, but my Lord, my Family, and my Country are worth it!!
        He died for his righteous acts against evil joyfully

  2. Smart move SOFA!!!! No liberals at the NASCAR events though. Just the same, my wife and I will pump some money into SOFA’s war chest to help them survive the cost of NASCAR sponsorship and to help them beat the drums. Great for the country, Sen. Zinke!

  3. Big fan of NASCAR and arrived here from a link on Jayski. I’m also a retired Naval Officer, (mustang Lieutenant Commander) and have to express my concern about Senator Zinke’s displeasure about, “…it is career suicide for senior military leaders to speak out against the president.” One of the founding principles of our nation is that the military will always be subordinate to the civilian (elected) leadership. If a senior officer has a problem with what his or her Commander in Chief is doing then express it behind closed doors in person or via the chain of command. If he or she doesn’t like the answer they get, then they can resign and retire. Once retired they are free to speak out all they want. Everyone from a Seaman Recruit to a Fleet Admiral are required and expected to follow orders and carry them out to the best of their abilities. Not to hold a press conference and bellyache about them. I have to wonder how Commander Zinke would react about anyone, say, his executive officer, speaking out critically in public about his abilities as a commanding officer or the decisions he had made. President Truman did the right thing when he fired General MacAuthur. It all comes down to disipline and duty. And part of that duty is following orders, whether you like them or not and don’t undermine your boss.

    • I respectfully disagree with you, sir, as a civilian. You and others took an oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. It is my belief that Obama is a DOMESTIC enemy of the United States of
      America. It is my belief that it is the duty of the military to protect people like me from tyranny in government. It is my fear that military members, like yourself, would be willing to follow Unconstitutional orders to disarm American citizens if a tyrant President ordered you to. Obama is not loyal to this country. If you side with him against the American people, then you will have your rear handed to you on a platter and be shipped out of this great country as a traitor.

      • Wow! That is really out there. You need to brush up on the Constitution. One citizen’s opinion that the President is a domestic ememy of the United States does not make it the duty of the military to remove him/her from office. That is left up to the Hous of Representatives and Senate through impeachment & trial.

    • BeezerGeezer – Thanks for the note. I agree with the policy within the military to “compliment or say nothing in public, criticize in private” when it comes to the Chain of Command. Our military leadership must be accountable to both the Commander in Chief and to the American public. As a retired military officer and an elected official, I also have an obligation to compliment those policies that are in the best interest of America and criticize those policies that put our Nation and our military at risk.

      Ryan Zinke
      Special Operations for America

  4. Ya’ll are completely and embarrassingly FULL OF SHIT! You are nothing but a bunch of angry, uninformed, brainwashed liars who either don’t have the courage to learn what is going on or don’t have the nuts to speak it.

    It’s either that or you’re just a bunch of money grubbing fucks who will do anything for a buck.

  5. http://www.SOforAmerica.org (and allied organizations) will be Obama’s “SWIFTBOAT” if we’ll really get serious, beginning on our knees, followed by sacrificial volunteering, generous giving, and prayerful diligent voting to elect solid Constitutional, Biblical, conservative candidates like our nation’s Founders were.

    History undeniably documents that liberty, opportunity, and prosperity offered to all when maintain America’s Biblical, Constitutional, conservative principles (e.g., limited gov’t., consent of the governed, God-granted inalienable rights, separation of powers, private property, free trade, strong national defense, service to country, etc.).
    –Praying and working to preserve America’s Biblical and Constitutional foundation and the liberty it gives us all,
    (BTW, it’d be great if the comments posted here could be reviewed before posting so that profane comments like one I just read here won’t be posted. Opposing viewpoints are okay (even though the supposedly-tolerant liberals never allow opposing viewpoints to be expressed wherever they’re in control) but profane babblings from fools should not be posted.

  6. When I posted this to my FB timeline pg. there was a similar comment of a derogatory manner, with profanity…there were comments that put that young man in his place in no time at all…I am an Oathkeeper, so I stand ready willing as a 65 yr old grandmother to protect and defend ….even with my kitchen butcher knives ,while says the 23 Psalms…So there ya go everybody your know where this Christian, Gigi stands…

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