Senator Zinke Appears on Fox News

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  1. Thank You Ryan.

    • For those who are disheartened by the major network news organizations persistent spin to cover for all of Obama’s missteps, failures, mistakes, and outright outrageous policies, actions, and statements, please take heart because during the American Revolution the British controlled the newspapers in major cities in the colonies. Real news of the American Revolution was spread by couriers who carried underground leaflets printed by patriots. Having to get the truth through unorthodox methods is not new! Courageous leaders who are willing to stand up and speak the truth have always had to swim upstream. The Obama Administrations’ handling of successes that were born in the strategies, programs, fiscal expenditures and intelligence operations started by President Bush is hypocritical and self serving. Patriots must persevere against Progressives who hate our Constitution and deny the God fearing character of our founding fathers. Liberty is only one generation from extinction. Let us not let it die on our watch! The battle is not against a political party but an ideology that is antithetical to our US Constitution and God fearing way of life. Neither political party is immune from this antithetical influence. Choose your politicians carefully, then pray often and trust God to get us through.

      • Brian,God gives grace to the humble. I, from what we might call the other side of the teicloghoal table, also say dumb things. And while we might find lots of individual issues to disagree about, the common ground of occasionally saying dumb things and experiencing Biblical humility as a result is endearing. This is a proper use of the term, Biblical, I think. Your humility encourages me to be wiser with my words and more gracious in my responses to those with whom I disagree.Blessings,Derek

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