Montana State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX Announces Organization and Partnerships to Take Back America in 2012

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2012

Whitefish, Montana - State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX; Ryan Zinke,
has announced the formation of Special Operations for America (SOFA). SOFA will advocate for
the election of Mitt Romney and like-minded candidates who want to bring true leadership
back to Washington and who believe in permanent and enduring American Exceptionalism.
Leadership that does not apologize and bow to the world for America’s greatness or politicize
military operations for political gain. SOFA stands against the core threats to National Security
created and unchecked by the Obama administration. SOFA will strike to ensure that veterans
and our families receive the care and benefits their sacrifice has earned.

Navy SEAL’s, Special Operations Personnel and Veteran’s across America have been outraged
since Barack Obama conveniently took credit for killing Osama Bin Laden for political gain. The
positioning of Obama as a wartime president was predictable and un-becoming of a
Commander-in-Chief. The active duty military has no voice as they are forbidden to publicly
engage in the political campaign process and it is career suicide for senior military leaders to
speak out against the President. In 2008, Obama ran against the issues and tactics he is now
exploiting for political expediency. It appears the President is looking to deflect his economic
record, embrace and ride on the coattails of America’s military. At the same time, vowing to
raise military and veterans’ health care costs; who have already given so much, in order to
balance the budget.

Senator Ryan Zinke said: “The President has failed and he is jeopardizing the safety of our
troops, their families and our National security for political gain. Obama has exposed the
identity of special operations units, leaked classified information, and limited the rules of
engagement of forces on the ground. It’s time to stop President Obama from negotiating away
our freedoms and our ability to win on the battlefield. For those who have taken an oath to
defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, it is a call of duty to
take back America from a Commander-in-Chief that is incapable of understanding the sacrifices
that have been made for the values that have made America great.”

SOFA has organized partnerships with Veterans for a Strong America and
Afghanistan and Iraq Veterans for Congress. Collectively, a vast and growing network of
several hundred thousand strong. The organizations will work together on messaging and
ground operations to play a decisive role in November. SOFA has a Senior Advisory Board
consisting of a former Governor, US Senator, Flag Officer and a Business Leader of Distinction.

Kieran M. Lalor said: “American Exceptionalism must not be lost. For 236 years, Americans
have served our country to make her the envy of the world. We must honor this sacrifice by
putting America back on the path to prosperity. As Chairman of Afghanistan and Iraq veterans
for Congress, I am pleased to partner with Special Operations for America to help change the
direction of our country, elect leaders who will honor America, the Constitution, those who
have and continue to serve her.”

Joel Arends said: “Veterans for a Strong America is proud to join forces with Special Operations
for America. This is the organization that will offer a boots on the ground perspective to inform
the national security discussion and policy debate in 2012 and into the future – SOFA is going to
provide a combination of first-hand experience tempered with the wisdom of experienced
policy makers. Engaging in the campaign is the right, and frankly the duty, of those who have
served and feel compelled to inform the public policy debate and in the election. Ryan Zinke¹s
service and experience is going to be a great addition to the public dialogue regarding the use
of special operations and timely given that this White House has been leaking highly classified
national security information regarding special operations mission. Ryan¹s perspective will give
us a true analysis of what dangers the White House leaks pose to our operators on the ground,
their families and to mission accomplishment.”

Senator Ryan Zinke’s Biography:

Senator Ryan Zinke is a third generation Montanan and was a multiple sport All-State
stand-out and a Whitefish High School Football Hall of Fame inductee. After serving as
three time class president, Zinke attended the University of Oregon on an athletic

scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Geology. As a four-year letterman, he received
numerous awards to include All-Pacific TEN honors, the Pacific TEN Medal, the University
Sahlstrom Award, and the prestigious Emerald Cup for academic, athletic, and
leadership excellence. In 1996 and again in 1997, Ryan Zinke was twice selected for Most
Outstanding Young Men in America honors.

Ryan’s distinguished military career began in 1985 when he graduated from Officer
Candidate School and attended SEAL training (class 136). Ryan served 23 years as a
Navy SEAL including two tours at SEAL TEAM SIX. In 2004, Ryan was assigned as Deputy
and Acting Commander, Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian
Peninsula in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM where he led a force of over 3500
Special Operations personnel in Iraq in the conduct of 360 combat patrols, 48 Direct
Action missions, and hundreds of sensitive operations. In 2006, he was awarded two
Bronze Stars for combat. Ryan retired as a Navy SEAL in 2008 and was elected to the
Montana State Senate.

Sen. Zinke’s full biography can be found at

38 Comments On “Montana State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX Announces Organization and Partnerships to Take Back America in 2012”

  1. “Navy SEAL’s, Special Operations Personnel and Veteran’s”

    That snippet needs to lose the apostrophies. I wish you all success in defeating the narcississtic Alinsky-ite in office. This nation can’t withstand another 4 years of sabotage from within.


      • your right reelect BUSH kill more of our troops. mitt don’t know crap. He won’t even release his taxes and where was he in the wars. The LDS sent him away as a missionary they protect their own Joe Smith the leader and founder of LDS he talk to a pink salamander to get his inspiration No Bull look it up. I studied the religion . You be amazed at what I found out about it.

        • I personally don’t care to see anymore tax records we know Mitt has a lot of money so he earned it I could careless and as far as having it in banks in other countries so does Debbie Wasserman Schultz DNC chairwoman, hypocrite that she is…..Obama won’t even release his college transcripts has lied, is under handle, and doesn’t play nice in fact is very dangerous. I know what the LDS stand for as well but it is voting for the best of two evils in a away. It is actually following Christ and being one of his that counts. Just because one says he is Catholic, Protestant or Mormon means little anymore it is do they follow Christ and live for Him. How many running for office or has been president actually was a follower of Christ and I mean the real deal not many if any. Yes Mormonism is a cult to be sure but as I said it is voting for the less of two evils, and Obama beliefs are for sure evil, it is socialism and globalism. But the choice is clear vote for Obama and lose the freedom in this country, vote for Mitt and at least we will survive for another day.

          • I agree. Romney worked and earned his money; so you envious liberals should take a “page from his book” and try doing that yourselves instead of wanting others to support you..And, speaking of being forthcoming with documents; I’d like to see obama’s REAL birth certificate. While he’s at it I’d like an explanation about why he has a social security number from a state he NEVER lived in(and, by the way there is documented proof that the SS # he uses once belonged to another person…I didn’t know they recycled SS#????) I would also be interested to see his college transcripts, his thesis. I would like an explanation as to why he once had a “foreign student” ID card. I could go on and on; but I think everyone gets the point……The fact is; obama doesn’t care about anything but his re-election; and watch out America if this asshole gets a second term..we’re in deep trouble!! As far as I’m concerned obama wouldn’t make a pimple on Romney’s ass!! I pray Americans have the good sense to get obama out of office in 2012!!

      • “TOO MUCH SHADE” wow you ignorant racists will say or do anything .. Your a solider who had to fight along side fellow soldiers who also had according to you “too much shade” I am an active seal and ashamed to be an American.. I do not put my life on the line so that other fellow soldiers can trash the president because he is an African American. GWB, Cheney & Rumsfeld are the people who got us into this mess.. Obama is trying to clean it up… remember that fact. You can disagree with his policies, but his race has nothing to do with anything.. Being smart diplomatically does not mean apologizing… regurgitating the lines of racists on fixed news makes you appear mindless and since you are a Vietnam vet “old” Mitt Romney went to France to avoid the draft and 5 sons, never even joined the reserves or the boy scouts.. think before you speak old vet

        • WOW – you IGNORANT liberal racists will say or do anything as well and sure’s the heck CANNOT seem to read with comprehension. Go back and re-read the “too much shade” comment. It’s about EVERYTHING in Obama’s BACKGROUND being “shaded”. His birth records, his school records, his college records, his visa records, his passport records, his Illinois state senator records.

          Liberals just jump on the first opportunity they see presented to scream racist and you are a fine example fo that.

        • You dumb ass! It wasn’t Bush who got us in to this; it was that group of Muslim cowards that attacted the world trade center and killed three thousand innocent Americans.. And, obama’s race has nothing to do with anything. His record speaks for itself. obama is inept and incompetend and NEVER should have been allowed inside the WH. This man has proven to be one of the worst enemies of America..Everything he has done has been an orchestrated attempt to destroy America and our way of life…You f–king liberals refuse to see what is going on with this usurper-in-chief and insist on defending him when there is NO defense for his actions. And, by the way; if you’re ashamed to be an American there are flights OUT every day.. Get on one! You could try Kenya, obama’s homeland for instance….I suggest you start thinging before you speak as well.

          • Those 19 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, lived in Germany and came to America to train to fly those planes. Their leader was a Saudi who was a member of the bin Ladin family–close friends of George Bush Senior — and 21 bin Ladins were let out of the country while every other plane was grounded. Iraq had ZERO to do 9/11, and sadly we can’t write a justification for that invasion besides the fact that Saddam tried to kill G Bush Sr.

            But go back another 15 years and it was the US that gave Saddam the chemical weapons, the US who backed him against Iran (except when Reagan’s Oliver North arranged to sell Iran weapons and put the proceeds towards guns for operations in central America. (I’m old enough to clearly remember the details of those days. Christians in Iraq were able to live without fear of ethnic cleansing before we kicked out Saddam. Now that country has lost about a million of their educated class and has over 3 million displaced people — you don’t think a few of them have a resentment towards the US that didn’t exist before?

            I’m a Christian first — and the Lord doesn’t recognize American “exceptionalism” — we will face the same punishments for our sin that every other person will face too. I voted for Bush twice, but when I look at what war has done to the soul of our soldiers and the price they’ll pay for the rest of their lives — regardless of the fact that it wasn’t as brutal as WWI, or WWII, or Vietnam, I know how wrong this was — though I know it’s hard for troops to take it in that their country and they were lied to about WMD — the justification for the invasion.

            The Bible predicts more war at the end of the age though — be they “just” or “unjust” and I believe we will see them. Despite polls, I think Romney will win — and all the neo-cons who’ve never spent a day in army boots — like Paul Wolfowitz, Bill Kristol, Michael Bolton, Newt Gingrich and Dick and Liz Cheney will beat the drum on Fox News and stir Mitt into an attack on Iran — a country that’s not going to fall like Iraq because it’s ruled by hundreds of mullahs — not a single dictator and his sons. A country with Russia as an ally, as well as Venzuela (a source of oil to the US), and Cuba (conveniently located off the coast of Florida). And we’re not going to get the Brits to join in on the action this time either. Iran’s 4x the size of Iraq — it should really rake in profits for the Carlyle Group (google their owners — and see what ex-pres. is a part of their company) and Halliburton of course will enjoy even more of those no-bid secret contracts too.

        • You are no SEAL, and you are not active. You’re just another liberal liar using the name of an organization to attempt to boost your piece of crap opinion. If you we a SEAL, you would not have typed in in lower case —>seal<<<—- I know this for a FACT! you poser phoney libtard. A SEAL also would not use the race card. An 'ACTIVE SEAL' would never under any circumstance say they were ashamed of the USA and last, an active SEAL is not allowed on political blogs even if you are anonymous you friggin poser fool!

  2. Friday, August 19, 2011
    ( Published on Sunday August28th, 2011 in the Citrus County Chronicle)

    The “Tea Party” is not a party, it is the embodiment of any and all of the values permanently embedded in the soul of every American and enshrined in our declaration of independence and constitution.

    It is who we are.

    For the last 60 years or so we have assumed that those elected by us and taking the oath of office were part of those values.

    We have awakened, after many years of dreamily pursuing our right to Life Liberty, and our personal vision of Happiness, to find out that the old Communists, now sheathed in the cloak of “progressivism” have undermined those values and now, threaten them.

    The name of the wakeup call is “Tea Party”.

    Those who do not understand who we, as a nation are, will be shunned by those who do.
    It is not an organization, or a movement, it is the United States of America ethos.
    That is what the tea party is, no less, no more.


  3. Msgt Delmar Hussey Ret

    Way to go, glad to see things happening to turn the tide,our country is in danger like never before from within and would help with a donation. I fought communism for 50 years and my Senator from NH was going to work for him and telling me its ok, I retorted with I dont think so there no better than they used to be.

  4. THANK YOU!!! I am sorry that this “Ole Salt” is NOT Combat Ready at 70 yrs., but Rest Assured I will “Stand in Closed-Ranks” and do what ever I can to Support, Defend and Promote this Operation!!

  5. Senator Zinke:

    Once again you have taken the inititive to take the point and lead the team (US Citizens) out of harms way.

    I would be honored to join your team and provide support as you see fit.


    Jerry Swan

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  7. I live in Mass. and have been sending e-mails to Senator Brown asking him to stand up for us and get the imposter out of the White House ! Is everyone in D.C. in on the scam ? We are in serious trouble security wise because of him !
    This is the latest :July 18, 2012 by Tim Brown
    The Media Can’t Handle The Truth
    Many of us can recall the tension building in the courtroom during the final push by Daniel Kaffee as he attempts to get Col. Nathan Jessep to admit giving an order to perform a ‘code red’ on PFC William Santiago in the film A Few Good Men. “I want the truth!” belts out Tom Cruise, playing the role of Kaffee. Jack Nicholson, who plays Jessep responds, “You can’t handle the truth!” This is much the way the press conference went on Tuesday at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

    More evidence was reported in addition to all of that presented before. Though the press conference lasted around an hour and fifteen minutes, it was the last fifteen minutes that really told the story about where any attempt to bring to justice the person responsible for the forged Obama birth certificate to justice will go.

    Instead of asking questions about the investigation and about the evidence presented it was an attack on the messengers. There were questions about whether the investigation was political. There were questions about how much it cost the taxpayers of Maricopa County. There were questions about everything under the sun in regards to both Sheriff Joe Arpaio and lead investigator Mike Zullo. There was one question about the actual evidence.

    It was frustrating to watch and must have been frustrating for those presenting the evidence. They were attacked as though they had done something wrong, when in reality they were merely doing their jobs.

    They have said over and over that they offered to pay their own way and even had received donations that helped cover some expenses. when questioned on the “book” that is offered on Amazon, Zullo claimed that it was around $1500 and he gave it all to his church. Yet people still think this to be a political plot against Barack Obama.

    Both men affirmed that their thought was to clear Obama in all of this. In fact, Zullo said that after looking at all of Jerome Corsi’s work beforehand, he dismissed it and wanted “harder evidence.”However, both men said they followed the evidence and this is where it has led. To add to that Arpaio even said he cannot prove Obama knows the birth certificate is a fake, but nevertheless Arpaio believes the document is a fake and wants to apprehend the person that forged the document.
    But the media can’t handle the truth. They don’t want to get their hands dirty on this one, just as Zullo said that every person they ran into in Hawaii didn’t want to get their hands dirty by answering simple questions. Instead they hid behind legal technicalities.

    At the close of the press conference, Arpaio was asked what he was going to do with all the information gathered in the investigation. His answer was simple. He wanted to pass it along to the Congress and have them look at it and do what needs to be done.

    But the fact is that the Congress can’t handle the truth either. Just look at the way they have handled the debt crisis, the stimulus, and now the tax increases and a lack of cutting costs. They can’t handle the truth because they are busy looking at whether their team’s jersey will get back in power or lose power.

    So many people claim that the birth certificate issue is a non-issue. Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo destroyed that notion when they claimed, in regards to Hawaiian birth certificates, that it was a “national security issue.”

    This is not a “national security issue” like releasing all the footage around the Pentagon on 9-11 is claimed to be a “national security issue.” It’s not like the entire assasination of JFK was a “national security issue.”

    This is a real national security issue that could very well demonstrate that we have a sleeper in the White House which would bring our country to the brink of a Constitutional crisis that no one wants to deal with. It would have a major bearing on how Barack Obama would be dealt with. It would have implications on every law he has signed, including Obamacare. It would have an impact on the Supreme Court Justices he nominated. It would cause a cry of uproar from the populace and this is why it cannot be allowed to go anywhere.

    America can’t handle the truth anymore. They know things are wrong, yes, even some Democrats know something is wrong, but they fail to wake up and see what is happening and take a stand lest they be called “conspiracy theorists” or worse. Frankly, the birth certificate issue has been made out to be a conspiracy and that may well be, but the evidence put forth is not conspiracy theory, it’s simply facts.

    Since the media doesn’t have the stones to deal with the truth and I’ll assume the Congress doesn’t have that ability either, I am wondering, as Tad Cronn is, should the military face the truth? Should they exercise their duty in their sworn oath? and not only that but if Barack Obama is complicit in this forgery, and I would assume he is, and Congress is also complicit for failing to deal with it, then have they risen to the level of a domestic enemy?

    It is frightening to think about, I admit. But what will it take for elected representatives to stop thinking about getting re-elected and start thinking about the Constitution and the people they serve? It will take them being able to handle the truth.

    Read more:

    stevor•39 minutes ago
    Sure, they can “handle the truth” but they’ve been TOLD not to deal with it but to put forth the Agenda of the Elite
    1gentready•11 minutes ago
    You want to see a large group of Zombies you don’t have to look any farther than a news conference and they are all programed for the Democratic party. The Media has no idea how to print or tell the truth and I believe that all of them are afraid they will all burst into flames if they were to be objective about what they claim is there jobs. The Media is under the impression that they are suppose to tell whatever Ly’s the Democrats tell them to talk about so the Media is the most dishonest profession people from any work force. I do believe they hold a candle only to a Politician when it comes to lying and are as dishonest as any Politician. The Media at one time had some pride in what they do but they have lost any respect even for themselves and can be compared as equal to Politician’s as the lowest life form on earth.

    Ron A•19 minutes ago
    This is why we need term limits on
    Congress, Senators, and the Supreme Court! 6 years and then go home with no Benefits. And live by the laws they pass, like we do.
    I would like very much to hear back from you. I think I have a dislike for B.O. as you do.

    • There is a VA close by,, if you need help finding one, we will help you, .. you are clearly delusional and in need of mental assistance.


  8. Thank you sir for your continued service. I will assist with financial donations and help pass the word. Allen Stanek, Las Nevada. (Pararescue Retired 1965-1990 / Las Vegas Metro Police Retired 1990-2012.

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  10. I just sent my donation. Thank you for your all of your service to this country. Spreading the word about this PAC and the important contributions it is making to correct the course the present administration is taking. God bless all of you who are doing this. (daughter of a retired Senior Chief)

  11. I made a donation in memory of my Father who served in the Marine Corp during World War II.

  12. Thank you for speaking out and your continued service to our country. We need more men like you and LT Col Allen West in our government and speaking out against the failed leadership we have today. Thank you for starting this PAC to defeat Obama and help give a voice for our veterans,military and the rest of America. We fully support you and oppose the direction our country is going.

    This President took an oath of office to protect and defend us from foreign and domestic enemies and to follow the rule of law and uphold our Constitution and he is no longer doing any of those things. He is pandering to our enemies, emboldening them, enabling them to come to power in the Middle East in places like Egypt, Libya and others. He is aiding&abetting them by sending millions in aid money to Hamas terrorists in Gaza and to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. He is committing treason!!

    Obama is using the DHS to violate our immigration laws and no longer enforce them, bypassing Congress with amnesty for illegals who were brought here as children, this only encourages more illegal immigration. We have terrorists aiding the drug cartel on the Southern border and they are getting into our country, but this administration doesn’t care about how porous our borders are. All they care about is letting illegals in and if they haven’t been caught for committing a crime yet, they are basically welcome, and many are collecting welfare and taking jobs from American citizens.

    We can’t afford another four years or more of this administration. They are intent on destroying our liberties, trampling on our Constitution and endangering our citizens. This must stop and if it doesn’t happen in November, I fear their will be bloodshed in America. Thank you again for your efforts, serving our country and representing your state. We need more men like you! God bless you!

    • The Arabs have always been in power in the Middle East, whats wrong with you people .. if your going to post, please make it credible, or we might think your all just a bunch of right wing crazies , mad at the world .. DHS to subvert immigration laws.. Sorry you look like an immigrant… e.g. Non Native American… and your forefathers did not ask either..

      • Where did freedom4usa say that Arabs are our enemies? Arabs are not our enemies, but Islamofacists definitely are. If you don’t believe me, just read their own policy statements – they don’t mince words in expressing their desire to destroy us. As freedom4usa accurately stated President Obama has DEFINITELY enabled their rise to political power and will continue to do so if given a second term. You are the one who lacks discernment and credibility in your response to freedom4usa’s post.

  13. We just donated. Being a Navy wife for over 30 years of active duty, I realize how really important it is to support a vocal military group when the active-duty person can NOT give his/her opinion on political matters. Who better than the retired can speak for them? I hope others will join this bandwagon.

    Does anyone else remember the ‘insider’ news immediately after the killing of Bin Laden and why Obama was out golfing instead of in the White House when it happened? By the next day I read multiple reports (no official press) about how he had waffled back and forth for so many days/weeks about giving the order to go after Bin Laden in the Pakistan compound. Since Obama would not commit and time was running out, a select few (including Leon Panetta) decided to make the decision for Obama. If it went sour, it would protect Obama as he didn’t give the actual ‘go’ order.

    Obviously, it went well. Obama took full credit and apparently the ones that knew the real story were paid off to keep their mouths shut. Remember the famous photo where everyone in the group were in their professional clothes/uniforms and Obama was in his golf shirt looking shocked/overwhelmed?

    Why should he take any credit for killing Bin Laden when he was too scared to even make that decision. We now know the real meaning of “leading from behind”.

  14. America it was not a good idea to put a muslim in the White House…

  15. I am not now nor am I claiming to be a SEAL/UDT Operator. But I do know the only easy day was yesterday. Thank you sir for be willing to walk point!

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  18. Military personnel, take an oath to support and defend the U.S. Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic”. It is rather easy to identify the foreign enemies and where they operate. It is getiing easier to find the domestic enemies – they are elected to the congress and “work” in Washington, DC posing as congressmen and senators.

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  20. Valmach – you absolutely are NOT an active or former SEAL. Doubtful you have what it takes to make it as a Cub Scout.

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