Montana State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX Announces Organization and Partnerships to Take Back America in 2012

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2012

Whitefish, Montana - State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX; Ryan Zinke,
has announced the formation of Special Operations for America (SOFA). SOFA will advocate for
the election of Mitt Romney and like-minded candidates who want to bring true leadership
back to Washington and who believe in permanent and enduring American Exceptionalism.
Leadership that does not apologize and bow to the world for America’s greatness or politicize
military operations for political gain. SOFA stands against the core threats to National Security
created and unchecked by the Obama administration. SOFA will strike to ensure that veterans
and our families receive the care and benefits their sacrifice has earned.

Click here to read the full Press Release.

26 Comments On “Montana State Senator and Former Commander at SEAL TEAM SIX Announces Organization and Partnerships to Take Back America in 2012”

  1. Thank God this man is speaking out . What can we do to help ??

  2. I, to, want to do all in my power to remove Obama and his Socialist Administration from power. What can I do to help you achieve than goal?

  3. Where can I make a modest donation. God bless you and your labors.

  4. Seriously- do you see the irony of this? You are politicizing your military operations for political gain, yet you blame Obama. Irony or hypocrisy, take your pick. Either way, I never once heard Obama politicize it. In more irony, the GOP has definitely done so, even going to war for no reason.

    • Forgive me for saying so but, you Sir, must be deaf, dumb and blind. It’s possible that you are also numb.
      Mr. Obama has clearly demonstrated that he has no qualms about taking credit for the “brave” decision to allow others (Seal Team Six and the operatives who worked for years to nail down Bin Ladin’s whereabouts) to do their very dangerous jobs. Please refresh your memory and take another look at his announcement of the event. Count the number of times he uses the word “I” therein.
      He also has spoken more than once on the “great difficulty, the hardship and drama” of HIS those fateful moments where he had to come in to the Situation Room and “make the call”. Oh, poor man! Must have been so scary for him to suffer through such an ordeal.
      Pull your head out!

    • Don’t be deaf and stupid. If you cannot see that 0blamer politicized “his” Osama kill then you are either completely dishonest or suffer from an inability to understand facts.

    • Top Secret Military leaks of ON GOING operations by the WHITE HOUSE proves OBAMA has made everything about the successes of our Military POLITICAL!

    • You are a true hero and what you are doing to help take our country back is admirable! Thank you for having brains in you head unlike the liberals who have heads filled with straw!! I’ll do whatever I can to help you.

  5. This Administration is against Israel when it gets the openings and against veterans and the military when it is not facing immediate strong political cost for it, (they think). Conservatives operate from principle and don’t just forget these things, like Liberals who are operating off emotion and riding the excitement of transitory fads of the moment.
    This is something the RINO (Republican In Name Only) bunch are learning as they are being replaced. This is the tsunami rising against politicians who engage in that quasi Fascist stick or carrot government power abuse game, exploiting business, currently referred to as “crony capitalism” and indulge in the social planners arrogant games against the people, arbitrary intrusions into the details of our lives that are none of the governments business. Social planner behavior is NOT conservative, NOT compatible with rule of law as we learned from Hayek in his book “The Road To Serfdom.”
    As to the strike against Osama Bin Laden I seriously doubt Obama even knew it was currently going down when he rushed from the golf course. I think he was tricked by an end run around his obstructionism by Panetta. It was of course even MORE egregiously self serving, more reprehensible to exploit it for personal benefit in that context.

  6. Do any of you seriously think Mitt Romney would ever, in a thousand years, have the guts to mount that raid on Obama?
    To risk his entire presidency on a raid? Please… Romney ran from war. Spent the Viet Nam era in Paris. Obama risked it all and it paid off. He believed in the incredible efficiency of the Seals. Admit you hate his color and be done with it. If you actually believe the socialist muck spewed about him, you are part of the dumbest people in the country.

    • What did Obama risk? It damn sure wasn’t his life! The Navy Seals do not need a arm chair quarterback to tell them how to do their job. Obama should have given ALL THE MILITARY credit & no one should have known anything about who or what team even did the mission. You really need to keep your mouth shut because you’re a dumb ass!

    • Grow up buddy! Take your full pack of RACE CARDS with ya!

    • Ray, pull your head out of the sand!

  7. Would like to help, please put me on email list. How can we donate?

  8. I am a 10 year Army/Navy vet. I would like to support your mission! Please send me details how I can!?

  9. First, Senator / Commander Zinke thank you for your service to our country. This cause and the organization which you have started are sorely needed.

    Obama and his ilk MUST be defeated, and soundly, to send a strong message to the spineless RINO’s inhabiting most of congress that ‘We the People’ are fedup with the coordinated destruction of our Constitutional Republic by this anti-American administration and the Useful Idiots who enable this assault from within. By the way, I noticed a couple of those idiots are represented in some correspondence.above.

    I will do my part to spread the word of the SOFA PAC and encourage donations to it.

    Al C. USN-Ret.

  10. I truly appreciate your cause sir. It is my belief that we can rid our White House of the incompetence in November.
    Please send information reguarding what we can do to help. US Army 7th Special Forces( Ret) (Anything, Any Time Anywhere.)

  11. I was a participating member of the Swift Boat Group.
    I’d be proud to join your ranks Sir.
    Vietnam 67-68

    • Sarge,

      Congrats, you moron. While you were perhaps sitting in a rice paddy dodging bullets, Mittens was dodging the draft in the South of France. Oh, he was all for the draft, AS LONG AS HE DIDN’tT HAVE TO GO. You and this group are going for the chicken hawk? Unbelievable .

      • Methinks you are confusing ‘sort of hero’ John Kerry with Mitt. When the French speaking Johnnie was making his annual pilgrimage to the So. of France. …at least until he sold his villa to “semi-patriot” George Clooney

  12. “By using part or all of the insignia of the Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army, and the US Special Operations Command on [this] website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, the PAC has run afoul of military regulations, according to representatives of the US Marine Corps and Air Force who spoke to Mother Jones.

    “According to the Department of Defense, each service branch’s symbols are trademarked, and their commercial and political use is tracked closely by military officials to prevent any appearance of the military’s endorsing a partisan or for-profit cause.”

  13. I was raised to RESPECT, HONOR and APPLAUD our military! Obama taking credit for ANYTHING accomplished by the members of our armed forces makes me SOOOOO angry! Why has he not visited in Arlington on Memorial Day in 3 years??? HOW DARE HE take credit for the death/capture of Osama Ben Laden. His butt was in the White House where is simply said “OK”. Gee … what a risk for him! Did that interrupt his breakfast or lunch? Sorry for the inconvenience.

  14. Paul Reinders ( US Army 66-72)

    I’m with you all the way. Whatever it takes to protect our Constitution. Let me know what I can do.

  15. Let’s face it, OBAMA is the biggest Narcissist this country has ever seen. Is CUTTING up to 100,000 in the military, CUTTING their healthcare & retirement benefits, then stands up at the VFW & LIES about it! Obama doesn’t have a 34% approval with VETERANS for no reason at all!

  16. I would like to donate to your effort. I have a personal connection with an active seal. I have shared with him his concern for his family when he is on a mission. I can not express how upset I am with the way the administration uses our military for political advantage.

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